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Settle in Norway

Norway is one of the finest places in the world to live and work. In 2006, the United Nations ranked Norway as the best country in the world to live in, for the sixth year in a row.

Why settle in Norway?

Settle in Norway to experience Norwegians:

  • Buoyant Economy
  • Paramount Standard of Living
  • High Levels of Education
  • Low Investment
  • Low Unemployment Rate
  • Power of Nature
  • Shopping Attractions

In recent years, Norway jobs have become the most hunted & sought after. Seeking opportunities of employment and job in Norway is gaining massive importance. Many Indians migrate to Norway from India to avail these opportunities.

Most of the Indians living in Norway are professionals and highly successful in their respective fields. According to Norwegian Immigration Department figures, India has become the leading source of foreign skilled professionals working in Norway.

Norway jobs for Indians offers 50 listed occupations in Norway and the major being in health, oil (engineering), hospitality, education, business, information technology, metals, pulp and paper products, chemicals, shipbuilding and fishing industries.

Norwegian Citizenship

Norway offers two different kinds of Norwegian permanent residence permits, namely Family Immigration or Settlement Permit. For becoming eligible to obtain the Norwegian permanent residence an individual should work & settle there. However, the foreign nationals must satisfy some conditions in order to obtain a Norwegian citizenship.

Foreign residents of Norway should submit their Norwegian citizenship applications to the Norwegian police and foreigners living outside Norway can send their Norwegian citizenship application forms to a Norwegian Foreign Service mission.

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